Traditional Japanse Wrapping Cloth


Furoshiki is a square cloth for wrapping and carrying things. It can be folded up for easy carrying , so it is very convenient for kimono wearers. Yuzen design on crepes are popular among women. Furoshiki is originally for the purpose of which is wrapping things. Ukiyo-e furoshiki, in addition to it is possible to decorate  the room as a tapestry or a painting , it can also be used as a scarf.

We present our exclusive  "bespoke" service.

Quality and process


Tango Silk
Some 100 kilometers northwest of the ancient capital city of Kyoto and today the largest kimono silk fabric producer in Japan, the Tango region has a tradition going back about 1200 years. Trade in the famed Tango Chirimen silk crepe dates back 260 years , which makes Tango Silk  an important part of the history of  the kimono itself.
Around the year , nature's bounty in the Tango erea  gives a grace and charm in created product ,Tango Chirimen.
Characteristics of Tango Silk Crepe
Woven of worsted silk yarn for a feeling of bulk ,durability and comfort.
Woven on Jacquard looms, various figured weaves are available.
Dyed after being woven, Tango Silk Crepe can  handle a wide variety of colors  and print patterns
Pure silk, the material has a satiny sheen , soft luster and feel, and elegant appearance.


Yuzen-zome creates  patterns  using  freehand drawing , and adds color. Ukiyo-e furoshikis  are made with woven white cloth ( silk crepe ) first and later dyed by hand.



Furoshikis introduced below are the tailor-made ones by  your production order.

High quality Tango silk crepe is dyed  in your favorite pattern.

From the bottom of  pictures, please choose the Furoshiki of pattern you want to custom.

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The ultimate edit. Choose from Figure paintings , Natural images,  and other classic designs.





















Processing Time

It usually takes about 50-60 workdays.

The processing time is from when you submit your order to when it leaves our warehouse. Once the FUROSHIKI has been shipped we will send you a confirmation email to confirm all details.

Shipping Time

It usually takes about 3-5 working days.

The period of time is from when the item is shipped out, to when it arrives at your door.

Estimated Delivery Time

t takes about 60-65 workdays.

The total period of time is from when you place an order to when you receive your FUROSHIKI, includes the processing and shipping time.

Please Notice:

  • Once the order has been shipped, we  will notify the customers. A notification email will be sent together with the tracking number. You can track the state of your order online (EMS). 

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